Oracle Clusters backup fails

  • 12 November 2021
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I have the following  issue in Oracle  environment ,


N:B,When i had the below error in  windows files system box,by re-installation,the problem was solved.

Now the issue is in an oracle environment/Clusters.

In an attempt to solve,i restated commvault services, re-installed commvault,confirured network pairs and still the issue persisted.Our backups are not backups through firewalls.No need to disable anti-virus

Any tips/solution to this issue?


Thank you.



Best answer by Stuart Painter 12 November 2021, 14:39

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Hi @Makadi Happines 

Thanks for the question, I’ve moved this out of setup guides and into Technical Q&A as that’s a better home for these questions.

The “Loss of control process” errors usually mean a job was triggered and communication between the Commserve and the client was lost - the Commserve lost control of the process.

This could be because of a network disconnect, services went down, or maybe a configuration issue.

Please check connectivity, name resolution and things like hosts files are all accurate and pointing to the expected names/addresses.

The next things to check are network rules to ensure point A can talk to point B, ie. do you have tunnel configuration between client, MA and Commserve?

Are there Data Interface Pairs configured? Are these configured on the correct/expected interfaces?

Running a Check Readiness on the client may also help to identify a problem.