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  • 14 April 2021
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Hi,when I want to install a Linux client remotely with an account having Sudo privileges, the installation is carried out in the / HOME directory and not under / OPT. (under RHEL)The only solution is to deploy the agent locally with root privilegesis there a way to get around this and be able to remotely install the client properly. ?Environnment : SP23.thank you for your comebackRegards

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Hi Virgil,

During a push installation we utilize SFTP to copy or seed the package to a client prior to starting the installation. Generally, the /opt directory only has permissions for the root user to write files here. Even if the user supplied for installation in the GUI is a sudoer you cannot elevate permissions while copying via SFTP to allow the user to copy to /opt. This is why we will seed the package to the supplied user's home directory where we have permissions to copy the package.

Once the copy via SFTP completes we use SSH to login as your sudoer who can then elevate the permissions and run the installation to /opt. After installation, the seeded package in the users’ home directory should be cleared.


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You can change the installation folder in the installation wizard. 

Did you tried this? 

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The sudo user needs privileges described in the documentation link.


Let us know if the issue still persists after following the doc