Restoring DR backup to another Commvault server fails with error "Execution of process [CommServeDR.exe] exited with code [20]"

  • 14 October 2021
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When restoring DR backup to another commvault server the restore fails with error:


Execution of process [CommServeDR.exe] exited with code [20]


Any help is appreciated.


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4 replies

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Hi @ElmerT !

To confirm, you are restoring the Commserve database to another Commserve?

Can you share the excerpts from the CommserveDR log files?  Few possible things happening, though the log files will give us a better picture.


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Yes restoring. I rebooted the destination server and the restore went through. 

Thanks for the reply.





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Following on the above..i have successfully restored the database on another server. This server has it’s own tape library. After restoring the database the existing  media agent and library was replaced by the one from restored database. 


  1. Do I need to add the tape library that is connected to the destination server since the restored tape library is from the original server and is not functioning?
  2. Do I need to reconfigure the disklibrary to use the disk in the destination server
  3. Do I need to add the destination server as another media agent? tried to do this but it is now allowing 

Please advise.


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Essentially, you restored the original database, so the CS now only sees what it thinks it had access to previously.

To answer down the line:

  1. Yes, because the database (from the recent past) had no idea it was connected to the CS
  2. Most likely yes, same reasons
  3. Is it not already an MA?  What happens when you try and install the MA software?