Schedule Policy Automatically cloned by system ??

  • 14 October 2021
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Hi, one of my customers just noticed that after and upgrade most of the Data Protection Schedule Policy have double ! Original one : O365, duplicate O365 - Clone ? And in the Description is written Automatically cloned by system and the association count is higher in the clone one ! And ideas, should he just open a support call ?



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5 replies

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Hey @Marco Lachance , hope all is well!

I looked this exact message up in our database and can see that most/all went to dev to address.

Open a support case and share the number with me for tracking :slight_smile:

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To answer this question though, yes this would be expected as of FR23 and later.  As of FR23 you are no longer allowed to edit schedule policies that were created by plans in the GUI.  In short, if you had any subclients associated directly to the schedule policy created by a plan (but the subclient not directly associated to the Plan), the upgrade would create a clone of this schedule policy.


This is further explained in our documentation:


CommCell Configuration

Introduced in




Feature Release 23

CommCell Console

In the CommCell Console, you cannot modify the entities that are associated with the schedule policies of a server plan.

However, in the Command Center, you can modify the entities that are associated with a server plan. This capability exists because, starting in Feature Release 23, entities are associated with server plans rather than with server plan schedule policies.

Also, if you modified the associated entities for a server plan schedule policy in the CommCell Console before Feature Release 23, those modified entities are retained as clones of the original server plan schedule policy when you upgrade the Commvault software to Feature Release 23.




If you are now seeing duplicate jobs being initiated due to this I would suggest to remove the association to one of the schedules.

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Thanks for your continued diligence and conscientiousness!

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Hi @Mike Struening Incident 211018-371,

I’m very busy, but it’s good for Commvault business ;-).


Thank you again for all the help !

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I like when you’re busy, my friend for the exact reason you specified :sunglasses: