Selective copy that shoud copy yearly Fulls to tape not waiting for the expected jobs

  • 5 March 2024
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I created a selective copy that shoud copy yearly Fulls to tape. it is scheduled to be executed on January 2025 to copy the last fulls of December 2024 

But something is not clear for me. Based on the configuration and what I understand,

all the last full backups that will be performed on December 2024 should be copied to tape at launch via the schedule policy. (expected on January 2025)


Here is the detailed configuration


Storage Policy Copies :


Storage Policy Copy Properties [General] 


Storage Policy Copy Properties of [Selective Copy]


Schedule policy 



Why on this copy, I see that is on the Media Not Copied

When I click on Media Not copied, I see that some media needs to be copied from the Primary even if we are not at the end of the year 2024 and the schedule doesn’t happen yet (schedule is planned for January 2025 to copy last full of December 2024)


Media Not copied list


Detail of V_30450


Detail of V_30450

I see that some jobs are waiting for copy but that jobs have been run on 25 March 2023, the goal is to copy the last full jobs of the december 2024. 


Do you know what is configured wrong ? Why it is waiting to pick jobs that have been executed on 25 March 2024.


Thank you very much to help me to understand.


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Have a look at this page/section:

Choosing The Right Frequency For a Selective Copy (


  • If you select the Wait until the current period is over before selecting a backup for this time period, no backup from the current year will be selected for the copy. For the last full backup in the previous year, the backup job will be marked To Be Copied.

    If you perform the auxiliary copy operation in the subsequent year, the last full backup from the previous year will be selected for the copy.