Sharepoint (v2) backup seemingly running fine, but all azure apps give permission errors.

  • 7 November 2023
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The jobs are seemingly still running fine without any failed items.
I restarted the services on the access node, also tried verifying in another browser. Maybe it could be a problem with browser cache, but no.

Discovery and index timestamps are up to date.
Running 11.32.23

Any comments on this? What should be done? Can I trust the backup?

2 replies

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@Chris Hollis 
The customer has since ghosted me and they are not responding to messages or phone.
I do not have access to their MS365 tenant, so I can’t check or do anything with the azure apps.
I trust the customer when they say the permissions mentioned in the error messages are already in place.

We always use the Commvault MS365 helper when creating the customers’ azure apps for the different MS365 services.
We can of course imagine a scenario where the customer will [accidentally] change the permissions afterwards, but I can’t verify this.

Hopefully I will get answers from the customer..

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@No special characters 

Hi Mate,

Sorry for delay here, you’ve likely raised a case and had a response already…

If not, could you try running thru this procedure then see if it still reports missing permissions?