SP Farm backup with 7 servers:DR only

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SPFarm backup with 7 servers; just continuing the conversation as I could not edit it. there is no requirement for granular recovery just DR to a different site

I have already installed SP agent on the App server and chosen the correct SQL ida to protect the content databases.  However, I just want to confirm that we have need to install additional 5SP agents on the 5 servers to just capture the WFE data; would WFE data not get captured if we install SP agent only the client to which pseduo client

The current setup is: FS IDA on all 7 servers : SP Agent on all 7 servers; SQLIDA on the SQL server

As per doc: In DR event

-Restore 7 servers using onetouch (FS IDA)

Restore SP Farm via the client(app server) (I presume this automatically restores the content databases and apps)

Restore the WFE backup back to the same client



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Thanks for that; I will check what other servers hold the web-front end role; also because the original setup was 

> 1. File system backup for all the 7 servers 

> 2. SQL backup for SQL server 

however when we recovered these the search functionality did not work.

With this new change 

  • Current setup of FS on all 7 servers plus SQL agent on SQL server as it is 
  • SP agent would be installed on the SP application server and WFE server: 
  • Sudo client will be created and configured to capture WFE data/IIS settings which is not captured by SP client on SP app server 
  • Default database client  on SP App server to capture SP Farm data: If I do not select the SQL client in SP level backup confguration; my understanding is SQL backup would continue to capture the content databases through the current job; however if I choose the SQL server on this configuration; that backup for content databases will trigger when the SP ida is backed up


So for disaster recovery 

:  Restore all the servers via File system agent 

: Restore the SQL databases on the SQL server 

: Restore Farm level backup via the SP agent on the SP Application server/SQL on the recovered servers and WFE configuration via the sudo client on the WFE server  




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Generally, no its not needed on all FE servers. They should really share all the same data. However if you want to be able to quickly recover those servers including web/IIS related settings then you could add them. Also if you do have a server go down or taken easily having another FE server for backups can be convenient.