SQL Server 2022 Always On Contained groups?

  • 7 December 2023
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Good morning.  We’re considering MS SQL Server always-on using the new 2022 feature “Contained Availability Groups” This feature adds an MSDB and Master database to the AG group, which allows jobs and users to be synced between machines.


Is this functionality currently supported?  How might it work for restores/backups?


Thanks- Chris

3 replies

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Hello @Chris Newman 

This is such a great question,  I am running some tests in my labs to confirm if it has any impact or not. 
The logic that CV uses will check the list of databases that are apart of the AG and protect those at the start of every job so there should theoretically be no difference. 

I will report back after i have tested in my lab to validate i had no failures or issues. 

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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@Chris Newman interesting idea! I'll do some reading myself and will share it with the rest of my team. One thing to note is that SQL 2022 doesn't seem to be supported yet as the table doesn't mention a specific maintenance release, however this version does already appear on the table and there are references that you can upgrade to it. Did you open a ticket for it to get confirmation?

I would also be curious to hear if/when Commvault will start to ship their media kit with SQL 2022. 

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Hello @Onno van den Berg , thank you for the reply.  We haven’t opened a ticket as we aren’t quite there yet but are heading in that direction.  I’m just checking the boxes for our readiness to migrate and backups are one of the things we have to consider.  Thank you!