SQL2012 Enterprise Licensing for the Commserve?

  • 6 December 2021
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We have a customer who wants an official statement that SQL2012 Enterprise is licensed as it came along with Commvault in the past.

I can find the statement for the Standard edition How does Commvault handle the SQL Standard License during the CommServe Installation? but in the past SQL2012 was also covered.

Is there still a way to have this statement.


We will inform the customer that SQL2012 is support for an half year so in the next 6 months it might be smart to update.


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Best answer by Scott Moseman 6 December 2021, 17:03

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3 replies

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The EULA for V10 includes it, does that work for your needs?

Earliest EULA for V11 online is for V11 SP12 which is 2014 Standard.


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@Danny , our docs team is fast!

Here’s your legal statement:

The Doc MR I submitted is still valid, so we’ll get it updated, too.

Let me know if that covers your customer’s needs!!

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Hi @Danny , great question!  I’m only finding the same information you linked (from 11.20) in 11.25.

I created a Doc MR (in your name) to get this updated/documented, though in the meantime I am going to get you a direct answer.

Give me some time and I’ll reply back here.