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  • 8 January 2021
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Trying to run a Windows File System job and not sure why I’m getting Error Code 17:11 File system scan failed - there is nothing to backup when I have content to back up


Best answer by Vsicherman 8 January 2021, 19:26

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The error is indicating that based on the specified content, minus the specified filters, the File Scan operation is not seeing anything to back up.  There are a few possible things happening here:

  • G: drive is no longer a valid drive letter.
    • Is it possible that something happened on the server and the physical disk has a new drive letter?
  • The G: drive is not online
    • Can you log onto the server and confirm?
  • Another subclient has the G: drive as part of its content
    • Check the content of the other subclients for this BackupSet
  • G: is filtered out (or part of inherited global filters)
    • Check your filters on this subclient (and see if Global filters are enabled)
  • You have not run a full on the subclient since changing the content (so it is using the old content definitions

One of the above is likely the cause.  Let me know if this addresses your issue!