What is the highest limit/threshold for a extra large commserve

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi All,

Just to check what is the highest limit or threshold for an extra large commserve? The following is extracted from documentation.commvault.

Supports up to 10,000 servers, or 20,000 virtual machines, or 50,000 laptops in a single CommCell environment.

So in my customer environment , we are having 10000 office 365 mailboxes/users ( looking to grow to 30000 in next 2 years ),3000 Vms and 300 physical servers. Can our extra large commserve able to support the above assets ? I am worry about the scaling of the 0365 mailboxes. Each 0365 mailbox is treated as 1 server entity as well


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3 replies

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Just to confirm, are you planning on the Commserve being also the ‘Index Server’ and ‘Access node’ for the mailbox solution?

If so, while technically possible, it’s not recommended and I’d advise against this for various reasons (especially if you are increasing number of mailboxes by another 20k in the next two years).

I would plan to have have seperate servers for both the index server role and access node roles.

Additionally, if you are increasing number of mailboxes, you will have to look at adding additional index server nodes and access nodes to meet our requirements - so triple the existing hardware requirements to compensate for the extra 20k mailboxes we need to protect.

Refer to the mailbox solutions hardware requirements here that outline whats required:

Let me know if any questions or concerns. 



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@Chris Hollis , it will be separate for the index server and access node. Hence i wish to know in this scenario , if  extra large commserve can support the above mentioned workload.

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I do not foresee there being any issues for your Commserve - we have many customers protecting more mailboxes / data with same or even smaller spec’d Commserve. 

Hope this helps!