after upgrade to 11.32 backup. On one client out of many stopped working. rest are OK

  • 1 April 2024
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After updating from 11.28, to 11.32.  Have a single system that is not able communicate properly with the commserve for backup purposes.

Check Rediness returns OK.

cvping from/to the client and commserv is happy.

All services on the client are running.

client and commserve are in same subnet, so no firewall appliances between them.

Client services stopped/started, and finally rebooted the client. no change.

Some of the errors in the logs:

“There is no incoming network connection from ‘commserve’”

“No Incoming tunnel from ‘commserve’”

“Couldn’t translate client name ’client’ to a client ID.

last step i guess is to re-install the client?

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Hi @DavidB does the client have any kind of 1way firewall configured to communicate to the CS?


As this may stop the communication even though there are no restriction at network level.


Was the client upgraded or installed as a new Instance? Any errors during the upgrade process?

You may try to reinstall it using the same Client Name as already configured for the Client, this way it should maintain its configuration and backup history.

Alternatively you may raise a new case with Support to investigate further