Commserve /DR Commserve v11.20 running live sync Hardware Refresh

  • 26 March 2024
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Planning to do a hardware refresh of Commvault environment running livesync.  I would appreciate some advice on how this can be done.
Reasons for doing the refresh is as follows:
1. Upgrade to Commvault v11.32 
2.  Commvault currently running v11.20 with SQL 2012 as the backend
3. OS of Commserve and DR Commserve need to be upgraded from Windows 2016 to Windows Server 2022

Anyone who has done similar initiatives ?  What are the caveats and steps on how to implement this?

2 replies

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Completely agreed with @HolowEd , that will be the simplest and best approach to address it

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You can follow these steps in order to do the hardware refresh.

1) Disable commserve live sync.
2) Uninstall failover instances from both servers.
3) Following these instructions for doing a hardware refresh of the commserve
4) Then do a new commserve live sync install to the new servers per our documentation


Edward J Holowienka