How to push CV agent on windows and linux client system through Commcell and Command center

  • 7 March 2024
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Actually, I tried to install the CV agent on windows client system, but not luck it is failed.

for that require download software in software cache or else direct push. 

if it is direct push then, I think install full media that's why it’s failed.

Please suggest.

2 replies

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ok thank you.

having one more query.

how to take virtual machine snapshot backup. means it’s required create separate IntelliSnap policy or anything else.

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Hi @Keshav Sawant 

Yes, you must download the software to the CommServe software cache to allow remote installations. This happens automatically, and if not then there probably is no internet access to your CommServe or it is restricted/blocked and must be manually populated.

Also, the right ports must be open and accessible for a direct push of the software (e.g 22 for Linux/SSH, and various windows ports like 445, 135,139, WMI port for Windows)

The documentation covers this in detail over here: