Migrate CommServe Linux to Windows CS

  • 12 February 2024
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There is an option to migrate a Linux CS to a Windows CS. if I restore a Linux SET_XX to a Windows CS  machine will work ? 

7 replies

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@Onno van den Berg This is a new deployment starting with  Linux CS. and the customer wants to migrate to Windows CS because of a DR replication issue. 

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Was this a newly installed environment on Linux, or did you migrate in the past from Windows → Linux? Any specific reason to go back to Windows?

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Thanks @Javier  & @Pradeep  I made a recovery test in my lab and it worked only with CSRecovery tool 

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Hi @Itzik Skovronek ,


Although the solution provided by Pradeep should work, it is not a fully supported solution as of yet.

The only fully supported solution is a migration from a Windows CS to a Linux CS.


Commvault Support won’t be able to assist if anything goes wrong after a Linux to Windows CS migration has been performed.

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@Itzik Skovronek let us know the format of the Dump captured from Linux CS.

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Thanks @Pradeep this is formaly supported? I didn't find nothing on BOL

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Yes @Itzik Skovronek the backup is take on SQL server so should work