obtaining MR versions of laptop agent software

  • 2 February 2024
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I have a ticket open for this already, but a number of Commvault techs seem to be stumped, so figured I’d post here. 

We have a single all-in-one windows commcell server, that is airgapped and has no direct internet access. We use it solely to back up desktops and notebooks, so we have deployed the Windows Edge Monitor agent to all of them. 

I thought that if you downloaded a new MR, and ran the install, not only does it stop the services, do all the hotfixes, and restart the services - that it should also update the software cache so you’ll be ready to update your Windows laptop agents as soon as it is done. This does not appear to be the case, as we just did this, and while the new version number appears in the command center dashboard as well as the bottom of the commcell console, there are no newer agent versions appearing in the software cache. 

If we try to do a copy software job to add the newer MR to the software cache, commvault will fail that job, saying “Error Code: [68:481] Description: The source folder [our source folder] is empty or doesn't have any valid Commvault media. “ We’ve downloaded it multiple times, no dice. We know the cache browser refuses to accept any packages (.exe, .tar, etc), so you have to unzip them to create a folder to point the cache browser at. Still, no dice. 

again, we are airgapped so can’t connect directly to Commvault to download software. 

Thanks !


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Hi @beck 

I hope you are well.

Mind sharing the case ID so I can check? I don’t see why they should be getting stumped… we’ve never self extracted the MR packs automatically to the cache, we only do that for major releases (feature releases).

If you check the documentation site, it states:

“You must download the maintenance release from the Cloud Services website and then copy the package to the CommServe cache.”

I would expect that if you installed the maintenance release manually onto the Commserve, in order for you to push it out, you have to copy the software to cache.

So that then brings us to your current issue ‘Error Code: [68:481] Description: The source folder [our source folder] is empty or doesn't have any valid Commvault media.’

Do you have a FULL Feature release (or platform release… all these names..) media in the cache extracted?

If not, you need to have the media associated to the maintenance release there. 

If it already exists, you need to ensure the maintenance release is extracted successfully (don’t do desktop, move it to a folder on a drive before you attempt). 

Failing that, I’d try a commit to cache operation

EVMGRS.log on the Commserve should record what the error message is, if you wanted to check that log / share some of the output that’d be a great start?