Oracle iDataAgent unix group assignment problem

  • 13 December 2023
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Hello everyone

We have strange problem with assighnmen of the unix gropup for oracle data agnet.
Machine is added as client trough commcell console and the following agents are instaled: file system core, file system agent and oracle agent.
There is no firewll betwen commcell server, media agent server and client.
Client machine OS is AIX 7.1.
During installation setup we assign the Unix group "dba" .
After installation finished successfuly we start file backup and it finished successfuly so we asume everything work fine.
When we try to initiate backup of oracle data base it give us an error ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file and the job stay in pending state.
We checked what group is assigned to /opt/commvault/ , /etc/CommVaultRegistry/ and it seams everything in this directories are with propper unix grou "dba".
We checked ORASBT.log log file ,and there were errors that it cannot read this files in registry.



When we checked their unix group it was not "dba" but "system"
We try with "cvpkgchg" , also with "cvpkgchg -g dba" nothing changed, the above files still have the wrong group "system".
Then we decide to do it manually with "chown -R root:dba /etc/CommVault Registry/" , resume the job and it finished without errors.
But there is another strange behavior, after retsart of all commvault services on the client, some of the above files were recreated with wrong group "system" and jobs begun to fail again.
The verssion of Commvault is 11.32.28, we try to reinstall client with latest hotfixes 11.32.35 but the problem still exist.
The workaround that we decide to do, is to set inheritance to this folders from the parrent, then after restart of all commvault services, the recreated files are with the correct  group "dba"
 and jobs continue to work as expected.
Is there some one who experience the same issue with this version of Commvault?

If some one have any advice on this problem i will be happy to try it.

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This could be due to the Secure Unix Access permissions feature with the later SP level.

Link- >


Secure UNIX Access Permissions

Secure UNIX access permissions are enabled by default for all new installations.

With secure UNIX access permissions, you don’t need to manually provide group permissions and other user access permissions during UNIX installations. Instead, the installer automatically applies smart default and secure permissions to all files added during the installation, based on file type.


The following features will not work with secure UNIX access permissions. If you want to use these features, you must disable secure UNIX access permissions.

  • Backup and restore impersonation on UNIX

  • Commvault end-user command line interface on UNIX

You can enable/disable secure UNIX access permissions on existing clients. For more information, see the following: