Are there any recommendations regarding the hard disk equipment of MediaAgents (disk storage)?

  • 19 June 2023
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Hi together,


I am planning a MediaAgent that has enough storage capacity to be my disk storage. Deduplication should be active, it is Back-end Size for Disk Storage Small (Up to 50TB).
Are there any recommendations or requirements regarding the RPM of the backup disks? I did not find anything in the CommVault documentation, only the RPM recommendation for the OS/software disk.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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6 replies

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HI @Pascal K ,

Have you checked this one:

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Sebastien Merluzzi

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Hi and thanks for your answer!
Yes I have checked that but there are only the requirements for the OS disk, the DDB disk and the Index Cache disk listed. I am looking for the requirements for the backup disk where the backup data should reside.





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Not sure why we didn’t add them, so this one is the best then:

You can always provide a feedback, we will check and modify our documentation if needed.

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Thank you!

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For local disk libraries I’ve generally used 7.2K SAS / NLSAS disks in a RAID configuration based upon how much back end storage you need vs spindles to keep the IOPS appropriate. With larger disks these days I tend to use RAID6.

If you’re using locally attached storage then connectivity via SAS and a RAID card is fine if you’re only small, but consider using an array with separate controllers if you’re planning to grow.

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7.2K RPM Disks (12 x 6TB) in a RAID6 with a 4GB Cache on the RAID Controller card / 64GB RAM in the media agent

Thats sufficient for a 40-200TB VM environment

(There’s are dozens of caveats - But the above is a standard build we put out there and works for most scenarios


(We also have a 50TB SSD media agent - where there was the perceived need for blistering fast restores)