Best practice for transitioning existing backup plans to the new 2024 server backup plans?

  • 3 April 2024
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We are in the process of upgrading clients to Commvault 2024 for the added security benefits as well as the potential storage savings. In the change notes for Commvault 2024, the changes state for backups other than database backups, “each backup job will back up only the new and modified items and create a full recovery image. Therefore, running repeated full backup is not required.”

I know that existing plans remain unchanged and follow the old format, so I imagine the change process is just associating existing entities to a new plan. This sounds a lot like a synthetic backup, so it sounds like it will create a new full backup to start a synthetic chain which might be storage intensive depending on the environment and their storage constraints.

Am I understanding this correctly? And if so, would I also need to be conscious about updating the synthetic full backup schedules via the CommCell Console?

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Hello @Virtuas Jake 

Thanks for the great question. In regards to the new plans Vs the old plans the only difference is that the SYTH Full is going to be auto scheduled in the back end and you wont have to worry about it. This means besides the first traditional full that is run, only Inc jobs are run from there. 

With this in mind the “move” to the new plan from the old is not a huge change and if you just schedule a SYTH full your self. 

Currently there is not way to move the data between plans but you can make a new plan and associate the clients if you do want to use the new method/plan but that will require a new full backup. 

Kind regards
Albert Williams