Can a StorageGRID synchronous aux copy have a vault/replica as a source copy ?

  • 30 August 2023
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Hello Team. I have a storage policy with a snap primary which snaps a netapp a700, and a vault/replica (not a mirror) that CV orchestrates the replication between the a700 and a fas8700. There is a primary copy as well but I don’t want to use this as the source copy for the storagegrid copy; i want to use the vault copy as the source copy for the storagegrid copy. I am creating a new storagegrid synchronous aux copy and the only options to pick for source copy are primary and storagegrid.  The only configuration I can figure out that works is to have a primary copy, which copies the snap primary copy, and to choose the primary copy as the source copy for the storagegrid copy. 

  1. Is this expected behavior of the program ?
  2. Is there any way to configure the program so a storagegrid copy can have as its source copy the replica/vault copy ?

Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi @mzator 

Have you copied the snaps on Primary to the Vault Copy? Do we have Backup Copy enabled on the Storage Policy?


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Hi Anwar thanks for your response. The vault copy has the snap primary as its source copy. Backup Copy is enabled on the storage policy. The vault copy does not present the primary copy as an option to be its source copy.