Changing Azure Storage Tiers

  • 29 March 2022
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We have been using Azure Storage accounts as offsite libraries for years.   We fully take advantage of cool storage tier, but with our usage history, I would like to start setting the Commvault Azure Libraries to archive storage tier.   What is the best way to get the blobs assigned to the archive tier?  I assume that only new written data will have archive and the rest will have COOL, until it is pruned.  Retention varies from 1 year to upwards of 10years.  Is there a native workflow available, or should I think about creating a new library and AUX copy the data into the new configuration.  


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2 replies

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Good morning.  Have you viewed the following resource on changing storage tiers:


You are correct that only the new data will have the new tier class.  There is no workflow available so you would have to Aux Copy the data if you wish to move the old into the new tier.


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@Orazan I assume that also works in 11.24?

If there would be jobs already in the Archive tier, in the BLOB, and the command cloudtesttool is used for moving data in COOL tier to a Archive tier, I assume that data in Archive Tier is untouched?

From documentation:

“3: From the command prompt, run the CloudTestTool with the following parameters, to restore the data from the current storage to the desired storage:”

If the BLOB content is in COOL, will any restore be perfomed, or is it just the blobs that will be specified for next (4) command? In case of rehydration, is it done by changing the access tier?

The command in point 4 will actually change the tier?

“4:Permanently convert the storage class using the following command: