Cloud Library with s3 bucket using Azure-based access

  • 8 June 2021
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I am currently using cloud storage libraries configured with AWS IAM accounts. Our organization uses Azure for SSO to AWS.

Is it possible to reconfigure the cloud libraries to use Azure credentials?


Best answer by Josh Perkoff 9 June 2021, 16:09

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7 replies

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Hello nor,


Thank you for your question.


Could you please clarify this question further for us?


Are you looking to manage your AWS IAM accounts using Azure SSO?  Or are you looking to use an Azure Login Account to log into your AWS Libraries?


Please note that for an AWS Cloud Library managed by IAM log ins, the log in credential role you provide in CommVault must match a role or role user in AWS that has the IAM role assigned.


Further details on this are available in AWS’ online documentation.

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@Josh Perkoff I am trying to use an Azure Account to log into an AWS Library. The goal would be to replace our existing AWS IAM User with an Azure account for all of our Cloud Storage Libraries. The Azure account would have assume role privileges to the appropriate s3 bucket.

Existing Library Configured like the following:


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@nor Thank you for clarifying, I am doing some research internally on this for you.  I will reply back here once that is done.

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For access to the S3 storage, the IAM user Access Keys are still required, just using the Azure SSO Login may not be able to get access/secret key.

You can, however, reach out to AWS S3 Support to request if they have a methodology to enable the Azure SSO Feature to have access to the S3 storage.

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Thank you @Josh Perkoff 

I will reach out to our AWS Account Manager. If there is a solution I will update this thread for any others that might be interested.

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@nor happy to assist!  And please do share if AWS comes back with any advice on how to enable this.

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Hey @nor , any word from the folks at Amazon?