Data verification job with S3 storage

  • 10 February 2023
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Evening folks

I am in the process of enabling data verification across our storage policies - some of our servers are EC2 instances with Commvault configured to backup directly to S3.

I assume if I were to enable data verification in the above scenario I would incur further charges as Commvault would be reading data from the S3 bucket?

Also, I just want to check my workings out is correct, or there about. If we are charged for using data verification in the above scenario - if, for example, the data verification job needed to verify 150GB worth of data my math would be 150GB (size of data) / 32MB (Block size that CV stores data in) / 1000 (S3 charges per 1000 requests) * price per 1000 READ requests?


Many thanks


Best answer by Onno van den Berg 13 February 2023, 12:27

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2 replies

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@KevinDodd, yes that is correct. Running data verification will results in additional cost. Now it's pretty hard to predict the cost, but your theory is somewhat right. If you use deduplication it will have to read the data from many chunks, but it will be able to read the specific pieces from the objects using range gets. 


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Thanks for confirming @Onno van den Berg !