DDB threshold reached max limit

  • 8 April 2023
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Hi Team,

The DDB partition Q&I time is very high post changed the DDB partition location. 

I have moved the DDB partition recently from one drive to another due to space was full.

As per storage team, we are using Lun assigned NLSAS_SSD drives on our MA. 

Now all the backups are running very slow. I want to reduce the Q&I time or else want to run the DDB on single (T:\ DDB) partition. because the backups are running fine using that DDB(when i was moved the DDB that time it was used another partition) Please suggest on this.

I have raised a case to vendor, they are suggesting to run the ConvertDDBToV5 workflow job and waiting for the steps and DT.


1 reply

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Hello @kumara 

It looks like the high Q and I is coming from the U:\DDB partition



The T:\ partition is larger than U:\ in number of records and size of the DDB itself and it’s showing an acceptable Q and I time. 

Running the ConvertDDBToV5 will definitely help with overall performance from backups/pruning, but I don’t think it will help resolve Q and I time that high.

There’s no way to remove a partition from an active DDB, we only support adding Partitions not removing. So the only way to move forward with 1 partition would be to create a new Storage Pool and DDB with one partition, recreate storage policies, etc. However there looks to be a performance issue on the U:\ drive, so I would advise checking with your storage team to confirm that the U:\ drive here is running on SSD Disk because the Q and I timings here indicate that this on a much slower performing LUN that the T:\ drive.