DDB Update to V5 question - Stop backups -vs.- Temporarily Disable Dedupe

  • 16 December 2022
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Upgrading my DDB’s to V5, trying to avoid fully stopping backups while I squeeze in the upgrade. 
Is it possible to check “Temporarily Disable Deduplication”  under Dedupe Engines > [DDB name] > properties > Deduplication > advanced tab, and perform the upgrade? The DDB needs to come offline for compaction. 

Thanks in advance, Joel Bates


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3 replies

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Hello @Joel Bates 

I am not sure if this would work but it is worth trying.


Thank you,

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Just know that when you disable deduplication you will be writing a substantial amount of data blocks to your storage. Typically 2-4 times more data written at minimum. 

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Thanks guys! I know I’d write more data to storage without dedupe, but I wanted to understand if it was available to me if I was strapped for time.
The option would be in use for a few hours in my case, so I think the data size increase is one I can handle. I can understand this could be a problem for someone with limited space.