Disk Library Mount path space usage monitoring

  • 30 January 2023
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HI Team,

Is there any API or report using which we can monitor individual library mount paths ?

CV alerts are for complete library but i need to configure an alert specific to mount paths( coming from different media agents or servers ) part of same disk library.


We receive below alerts when one or few of the mount paths of library met reserved space .

Failure Reason: Insufficient disk space. Available mount paths are not enabled for write or have met reserved space limit. Enable/add more mount paths or add more disk space to existing mount paths. Please check mount paths on the library 

Need to configure alerts on mount path level so that we can disable the mount paths in advance .

Regards, Mohit



2 replies

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Hello Mohit,

Please check the below if that suffices your requirement.

Prefer mount paths with more free space.
Library Properties (Mount Paths) (

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@Zubair Ahmed Sharief 

Hello , I need to configure an alert at mount path level -

Example -  if the utilization on mount path space reaches 80% then i should be notify.