How to interpret the BackendStorage-QScript/stored procedure or is there a better way to get the used space per client

  • 16 April 2024
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Hi community,

we are migrating from another solution to Commvault’s backup solution.

Currently we are billing our customers per client and per used backup disk space. It would be great if we could handle the billing the same way as before.

We are now looking for the best way the get the used disk space per client. Ideally directly with a SQL query. In another thread someone recommended the QS_BackendStorage stored procedure. While this looks like a good solution, we are not sure how to interpret the values.


In our understanding the column ‘Backend Size (GB)’ contains the actual used disk space on the media agents per client. So adding up all those values should be equal to the used disk space on the volume.

In our testing system currently 14.3TB of the disk space is used (by just checking the disk usage on the media agent - we currently only have one), while the sum of all values in the column ‘Backend Size (GB)’ of the stored procedure is about 100TB.

So maybe someone can explain how those two values correlate. Is this mismatch because of compression or deduplication?

Additionally, if there is a more effective method to achieve this, it would be great if you could tell us how.


Thanks in advance.



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@RobinH - have a look at the chargeback report which reports on both FET and Backend.

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@Gseibak Thank you for your answer. We will look into the chargeback report.