HPE StoreOnce disk libraries and Command Center

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I’m new to CV and still trying to sort out Commcell Console versus Command Center, so I appreciate your patience.  After 4 years with Veeam and two decades with Data Protector, Commvault is proving to be quite a different animal.

My first concern is why it takes googling some arcane code (ActivateHPECatalyst) to enter in the Commcell Console properties to make visible the StoreOnce option for library creation in the UI.  What is the rationale for hiding the StoreOnce option in the first place?

Now that I’ve added a Catalyst-backed disk library in Storage Resources > Libraries via Commcell Console, I go back over to Command Center, look at Storage > Disk, and I do not see my new disk library.  How then am I supposed to add it to anything as a backup destination?


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Hey @JimHPE .  Great questions.  That key is needed by default as of now. Development has not taken out the need to add this key to be able to see the StoreOnce as a library type, though I am reaching out to some developers to get responses here.

​As far as why it does not show up in command center, it may not show up in command center because they may not be supported for that console.

I’m not seeing anything regarding Catalyst config for Command Center:

I’ll reach out to some developers to get their feedback and future plans here.

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Thanks, @Mike Struening.  I suppose my larger concern regards strategic direction.  Is CV trying to move away from the Windows-based Commcell Console in favor of the (platform independent) web-based Command Center?  If so, what is the timeline for completion, and when if ever will Console be deprecated?  My reasoning is this:  Where should I presently focus my learning efforts?  I’ve just earned my CVSA and will be sitting for my CVCP next week.  Yet in my lab I find myself bumbling around two different CV user interfaces - neither one of which seem to be terribly intuitive for this grumpy old 30-year tech veteran.  ;-)

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The registry key is required only for GUI. On Command center, HPE catalyst storage is one of the cloud library options. The documentation to configure HPE catlayst from Command center is available here:


From java gui if you create a storage pool using HPE catalyst library, it will shop up under cloud library on command center. But you need to create a storage pool. If you just add a library on GUI, it wont show up on command center.

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@JimHPE , I would say Command Center will definitely continue to see more features added, though the main console is not necessarily going away.

With that in mind, perhaps lean on Command Center, though you may find something you can’t quite find there (and come here, create a thread and we’ll help you out) :sunglasses:

ps @jitendran is the developer I was mentioning earlier :grin:

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Hi and welcome to this new universe @JimHPE !

When I started using Commvault (aka Simpana at that time), I was like you, somehow lost, compared to the other product’s approach I used to manage. At that time, I only had the (now called) ‘old’ java Commcell Console.

Later, with v11 released, we discovered the Webconsoles, but my opinion is that it could not be used for administrator roles, as so few features were implemented in it, though for end-users of 1st level of supports, it could fit. At that time, we were told by our Commvault representatives that this console would be the future, and all dev efforts would be to implement new features in this console first, and eventually port them to the old Commcell console later.

At some point in time, as for you, I discovered that for the creation of a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure bucket, I had to use the webconsole, as it was simply not yet available as a Cloud library type in the old java Console. It began available in the next releases, but later.

Now I use both consoles, because of this reason, but also because you can quickly navigate and find information in the searchbar with shortcuts, instead of scrolling, clicking, scrolling, clicking, etc.. But yet, it’s stil difficult to find some special information in the webconsole, like the schedules associated to FS or SQL subclients. For that I continue to use the old Commcell Console, aside.

I would tell you that if you wish to use new features, they would mostly be available in the webconsole first. But if you only use ‘legacy’ features or devices, storage kinds, etc, then Commcell console should have it.

The trend is the web consoles, but until they managed to port all features to this one, both are still useful. And I don’t doubt you will tame and master them just by using them. :wink:

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So how do we make catalyst libraries created via the java gui visible in commandcenter?

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@jitendran , can you comment on @neuwiesener ‘s question?

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Need to create a storage pool. Right click on Storage pool, select disk and then select the Storeonce library to create a non-dedupe pool. On command center under Storage- cloud you should see this pool.

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Hello @jitendran ! Can you please inform us if the HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, is available to Command Center.

I was able to configure it through CommCell Console ( but Im unable to see the Library from Command Center.