LTO-8 drive compatibility etc..

  • 10 June 2021
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The Tape Storage Matrix is getting quite “interesting” over time. I am not sure why there are still references to outdated unsupported OS’s and architectures, but that’s more of an comment than a question. I’m trying to verify whether a drive is on the matrix and not coming up with anything. Under the filter section there’s no windows OS. Hmm. If I search for T50e, Windows 2008R2 is the newest “supported” OS for it? What? Is this to say if I call in a ticket for a newer OS on that autoloader might support tell me “sorry Charlie”? Latest code for that unit is BlueScale12.7.07.03-20180817F, it’s not in the Matrix at all. Not sure how to take this or not. Anyone have a similar situation. Plenty of life left in these units and still fully supported by Spectra. Will LTO-8 work?



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3 replies

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Well huh, I was using this page

@John Giblin The one you listed is far more user friendly. What is the purpose of the rather antiquated-looking one then :thinking:


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Typically drives and library support is listed separately, but I can confirm that the Spectra Python family is supported with LTO8 drives and with Media Agents up to Windows 2019.

I can check with Spectra about fimware updates higher than what may be listed and will update the Compatibility Matrix as needed.



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I would expect the T50e to be supported in all of the currently supported Windows OS’s.

LTO8 drives are supported as of v11 SP10. - What drive’s vendor/model/firmware do you have?

Here’s what I got on the Matrix:

I do note that this is showing an older version of the BlueScale firmware, Maybe someone from Commvault can shed some light on supported versions?


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