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  • 17 March 2022
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Please diagnose incomplete data transfer between mount points.

At the turn of February and March, we migrated a dozen or so mount points between arrays.

All tasks were successful. Old data was not deleted on one of the mount points.

There is much more to the target mount point.

View from the catalogs side.

How can we confirm that the data has been migrated correctly?


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3 replies

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Hey @kszaf !  hope all is well.

Were there supposed to be any screenshots attached?

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@kszaf   I want to make sure I am understanding the issue correctly.  Are you saying that you moved mount paths and that you are seeing a size disparity between what shows on the new mount path and what should be there?

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@kszaf I believe I now see what you are referring to.  You have to configure pruning on migrated mount paths.

Managing Migrated Data on Destination CommCell

After CommCell Migration, the merged mount paths are disabled for write operations to prevent new data being written onto them. These mount paths are used for restore purposes only. New mount paths should be created for future backup operations.

By default, pruning is disabled on the migrated mount paths. However in case of permanent CommCell Migration, you can configure pruning on migrated mount paths by enabling read/write access on them. See Data Aging of Migrated Mount Paths for step-by-step instructions.

For information about data aging of the deduplicated data present in the migrated mount paths, see Data Aging for Deduplication.