Network Throttling Aux copies

  • 20 August 2021
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Since the other thread was stated as solved I’ll start a new one.


From What I understand the Network Throttling on the media agent only effects backup jobs, not Aux copies jobs bandwidth.

There is an option to limit the Aux copy bandwidth usage by setting the Advanced setting "Throttle Network Bandwidth(MB/HR)" on the stg policy copy.
Unfortunately that effects the usage all day as there is no possibility to set it per time interval.

I have two Aux Copy jobs running for two different Storage Policy copies with the setting for bandwidth limitation set to 5000 MB/HR which is roughly 11 Mbit/s.
So running two of those shouldn't use more then 22 Mbit/s.
Looking at the Current Through put they are 3,92 GB/hr and 2,97 GB/hr in Comccell console. Those combined gives 6,89 GB/hr roughly 15 Mbit/s. I understand that it's not 100% accurate as the data is deduplicated.
But looking at our monitoring I see two streams going to Azure one using 30 Mb/s and the other at 20 Mb/s.
In fact the Aux copies tend to max out the bandwidth at times even when they should be capped.

Anyone else experienced this?

If I'm wrong with all the translations between entities please let me know. I used this web site,, to do the conversions.





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Hey @Henke!  the translation is fine!  Side note on the other thread: if there’s ever a thread you have that is marked as solved that shouldn’t be, just let me know.  I can easily unmark it!

Let me involve some of our MM folks.  I know you’ve been researching bandwidth measurement for a while now and want to ensure we get people on this who can help out.

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Thanks @Mike Struening
Regarding the other thread, it wasn’t mine so I didn’t wanna mess it up or hijack it.

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You can us eth Network Throttling tab under MediaAgent Properties for Aux Copies also.


The setting here would affect all traffic between the listed servers.  So you can define rules so that traffic between MA1 to MA2 will throttle at the schedule and rate you set.

-- This is Global for ALL communication between these two servers.

-- It will not work if the Same MA is hosting the source and Target Libraries.


The setting at the Policy Copy level does not allow Scheduling like you mentioned, but does allow you to sett different rates for different copies.   This is useful if you have several Aux Copies using the same MAs and you want to give some more throughput than others.


*** One important thing to note here is none of these throttle settings let you control throughput to a Cloud Library.


To Throttle traffic to a Cloud Library you need to follow this:  

  1. Through a workflow:>
  2. Through Additional Settings on the Data Mover MA:
  • Via Additional settings there are multiple settings to control what to set the throttle at Up and Down, and also When to apply that throttle
  • This only lets you set a single throttle throughput. so it is either on or off depending on the times you set.



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@Mike Z-man Thank you.

Seems that is what I’m searching for since it’s a cloud library.
I’ll test it out.


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i have an question regarding the workflow…. 


We have mcss storage and would like to limit the speed weekday from 06:00 - 18:00 outside of this window we would like to use the full speed. 


In the workflow i had the option to say enable and disable. But what happend when we have 50Tb to be copy the workflwo start at 06:00 with bandwith throttel. Than i will schedule the workflow again at 18:00 to remove the throttel. What happen to the running jobs ? 


also another question: Did the workflwo start an auxcopy job ? 

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@SSchmidt , anything running during the start or stop will be affected by the throttling.

I don’t believe the WF starts an Aux copy, it only adds the throttle enable/disable option.

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@Mike Struening okay so when i schedule the start of the workflow at 06:00 with throtteling and i schedule at 18:00 to remove the throttel what happens. Did i have to start again an 18:30 without throtteling and start the woorkflow at 06:00 with throtteling. 


I dont unterstand the steps whats to do when i want and bandwith throtteling. Because will the running job killed or what happend ? 


Also when i have multiple SPs with copy to mcss.

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@SSchmidt   There is no need to kill/restart your Aux Copy Job.

The streams will adjust to the newly available bandwidth.


The Workflow only sets the Throttle settings.  It will not kill or initiate jobs.


These Throttle Settings whether you use the Workflow Or the Additional settings are configured at  MA  level.   It does not matter if there are 1 or 50  Policies using that Cloud storage.