New physical server & optimising storage flexibility?

  • 15 December 2022
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I have a new Dell Poweredge R750 sitting in a box with SSD RAID BOSS and 12x18TB NL-SAS on a H755 RAID controller.

It's going to be running Windows Server 2019 or 2022 and will be a backup server holding both Commvault and Veeam data.

The server will boot off the SSD BOSS and the NL-SAS is purely backup storage.

At a PERC level I expect I'll go with RAID6.

At a the Windows level I'm not clear whether there are IO benefits splitting it out into lots of small (5-10TB) volumes (which are all sitting on the same physical RAID) or whether to keep it simple and have one or two large volumes and segment data using folders.

The current disk library is sitting on a pair of older Windows Poweredges with around 12x4TB mount paths which need migrating to the new hardware.

Unless there’s a real benefit I’d sooner have a single large flexible Windows volume with 12 subfolders for each mount path than be messing around creating 12x volumes.

I presume there is no way to consolidate down the number of mount paths?

Can anyone offer any thoughts or point to current best practise please?

1 reply

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Sorry to bump this but anyone please? 😀