Possibly corrupted files

  • 26 May 2022
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I have found ntfs disk errors ot commvault disk library.

The library was offline. I have performed check disk on the volume and errors have been fixed.

How to check health and data integrity  of the backup files and directories

Thank you!


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You can use Data Verification for this check

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Thank you Dmitriy

But it’ s says “No data needs to be verified.” Total data size 0 bytes.

I have tried to copy folder CV_MAGNETIC. I have get errors that some files are unreadable. How to detect those files?

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Try to do next steps

  1. Go to Library\Mount Path\ Right Click and choose View Content, this helps you to understand what job dou you have on this library 
  2. Next step, for to Storage Policy copy where this job contains and start Verification for specific job


Pick a Job for Data Verification
You can select individual or multiple jobs to be verified during a data verification operation from the Jobs for Storage Policy Copy window. You can verify jobs on all types of storage policies. The example below is for an iDataAgent Backup storage policy.

From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies | Storage Policies | <Storage Policy>

Right click the <Storage Policy Copy> from the right pane for which you want to verify the jobs, point to View and then click Jobs.

From the Job Filter for Storage Policy dialog box, select the necessary options.

Click OK.

From the Jobs for Storage Policy Copy windows, right-click a job, then click Pick for Data Verification.

To select multiple jobs, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each job that you want to select.

If you then decide that you do not want this job to be verified during a data verification operation, right-click the job and click Do Not Verify Data.

Once a job is picked, its status in the Data Verification Status column is displayed as Picked for Verification.


If this job show some info like 

Not Picked

A job has not been picked for a data verification operation.

Picked for Verification

A job has been picked for a data verification operation.


A data verification operation ran and successfully verified this job.


A data verification operation ran and failed to verify this job.


A data verification operation ran and has not yet completed verifying this job.


You can did this for all job on this Storage policy copy

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Is the data verification process  just check backuped files or needs to accesses the backuped resource (iDATA, Vmware)?

Thank you!

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If this data is deduplicated, I would recommend going to the DDB engine, and then Right Click All Tasks/Run Data Verification.  It is important to verify at the DDB level to ensure the integrity of the data.  


Data Verification from the Storage Policy level will not be neccesary if the data is in fact deduplicated.  Just run DDB verification (DV2) and update this thread with the results.


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Thank you all! I have  got the idea.