Proper disk configuration for new CV server

  • 23 November 2022
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We have recently acquired a new server and storage as part of our hardware refresh for the Commvault server.

The new server have the following:

2x 480GB SATA SSD configured as Raid 1 (OS installed)

2x 1.6TB PCIe SSD - still deciding whether to use host based mirroring or leave it as standalone disks, intended use is for SQL database, DDB, and index.


The old server has the following disk configuration:

OS - 558GB - 173GB used

SQL - 278GB - 866MB used

DDB - 418GB - 25.6GB used

Commvault V11 SP16 HPK17


Any recommendation for the new server’s disk configuration? If I will use host based mirroring will it have impact on the server’s performance? Which Commvault version should I use? 2022E or 11.26?


Thank you in advance.


2 replies

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Hi @ElmerT,

It all depends what will be running on your Commserve.

If it is only the Commserve, then there is not any recommended configuration please check

However if this is also a Media Agent, please check:

So your Raid 1 is fine.


FR26 will be deprecated just before Christmas, you would need to install Commvault Platform Release 2022E


Best Regards,

Sebastien Merluzzi

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There is no definitive guidance as there is no 1 size fits everything template.  However, if you take a look at the AWS cloud architecture guide, you can see the logical disk layouts that we use in our Marketplace templates.  This takes into account some best practices for MSSQL and Commvault deployments.