Selective copies using same Global Deduplication Copy

  • 24 March 2022
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When using plans we would like to extend the retention time for some client using a selective copies and reuse the same Global deduplication policy.


Most of our backups are IntelliSnap snapshots.


Is this possible, how would we best do it? Are there any best practices for this?


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7 replies

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Hi @benjaminas 

Is your end goal is to extend the retention period for a few clients? Or do you need a duplicate copy of this data as well?

Selective copy for Snapshot is not supported -

For an additional copy, you cannot reuse the same Global Dedup policy as the primary. Secondary copies are treated as separate copies of the data and would need it’s own Dedup policy.

Your best bet would be to create a new plan. Configure it identically as the existing plan, same storage/GDP/etc - set the desired extended retention and re-associate the clients in question to it. From here if you needed a duplicate copy of the data you would configure a Synchronous copy under the new plan.

Let me know if this answers your question. Thanks




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For snaps you’d have to backup-copy the data to primary first, then create a selective copy. There is an associations tab on selective copy that allows you to pick specific clients to copy only. Be careful with this though - any new clients you add where there are jobs you want to add to the selective copy will have to be done manually each time in the associations tab once you make changes there.



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Hi @Matt Medvedeff 


I would like to extend retention for specific clients, but to reuse the same GDP..We are doing snapshots with intellisnap to primary then aux copy it. Backup Copy option is not enabled.



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Hi @Damian Andre 

We were also thinking from streaming side.

In the storage policy setup we now have 2 copies: default(primary) and long term and the long term can be separately chosen for specific clients only. But for the new feature of Commvault called Plans, I've not been able to find that option. So if we'd put another copy on plans both would be used for everything, right?

Is this possible: we would like to use those Plans and have same ability to have a storage policy with default (primary) and then the long term selective copy?


Idea was to have as limited amount of plans or policies as possible. With plans we could use region based storage so you don’t have to have 1 policy for site a and another for site b if those are going to same library via different MA's. But it looks we need to have separate plan for short term and long term which we don’t need to have if we are using storage policies.

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Hi @benjaminas 

I have started to use Plans, with VSA and only one subclient for all the VMs on this site, + few file clients, for small sites/subsidiaries with a standard retention, and that fits perfectly.

..until I have been asked by a subsidiary to have a selection of VM backup jobs o have an extended retention on both disk, tape and cloud copies.

And then I don’t know how to proceed, as I’ve always been warned in trainings to avoid touching Plans-created objects with the old Commcell console where we can quickly edit SPCs and pick for copy/extend retention for jobs… 

This ‘manual’ selection can’t be automated, as for example the subsidiary has to validate data content before they tell us that ‘this backup job’ it the one they need us to extend retention for..

I also thought that using plans would help us to reduce the amount of Storage Policies, but yet doing this create more SPs instead of SPCs.

But maybe I’m wrong and there’s a more efficient way to achieve this (that I didn’t find yet), in my v11.25.27..

I’ll follow this thread carefully 😊


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@Damian Andre @Matt Medvedeff 


Hi guys, any more ideas on this? :)

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@benjaminas , I see your incident was closed with the below link as the solution:

Is this issue resolved for you now?