selective copy media not copied: how do I back up the missed jobs?

  • 27 April 2022
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Hi, I have a selective copy that backup a week's data on a tape. This tape i export every friday offsite.

This week i I did not have more scratch and if i check media not copied on a selective copy i see more data.

Now have scratch tape, and if i check jobs faile for storage policy there are more on status: not selected.

how do i relaunch those jobs? if i search on job history same jobs id, there are on status completed because not saved only selective copy


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2 replies

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Go to your Storage Policy, right click on your StoragePolicy Copy, select View Jobs, check the Time range and selection, then click on the Advanced button and check the ‘Jobs that will not be copied’ checkbox :

And click OK to validate and go back to the previous window, click OK also.

There, you should see all the jobs, and may pick for copy (and/or recopy the other that should be on the “new” tapes set) the jobs you need.

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