Settings for WInSCP and HyperscaleX

  • 27 April 2023
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Hi, for connecting to a HyperscaleX appliance to drop and pickup files, are there any tweak settings?

I’ve been toggling between \bin\bash and default for shell and using SCP/22 and authentication works but the session never gets going. 



5 replies

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HI @GordA 

Thanks for reaching out.

By default, Winscp is supported with HyperscaleX, using default settings.

The Hyperscale platform may have gone through a hardening process such as disabling root.

For more information please review our documentation:

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If you’ve got root disabled (which you should for day-to-day operations) as @Emils mentioned then your SCP authentication log should look like this if you’re connecting as root:


If you do have root disabled and you try to access via scp it should authenticate but not go any further when using the cvbackupadmin account, it should authenticate but won’t connect as the restricted shell isn’t compatible with scp:


If you need to scp files to the HSX nodes then I’d suggest enabling root, doing what you need to do, then disabling it.

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Thanks for the replies.


I can use root at the iKVM/HTML5 console once logged into the web interface of a hyperscaleX appliance but not when trying to use Putty or WinSCP.


Then as, mentioned above if i use another account then it authenticates but the shell doesn’t completely start up.

If i’m in Command Center and looking at Storage, Hyperscale and drill down to a device then i see ‘disable root’ which should be another indicator that it’s currently active.

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Hi @GordA 

Check the /var/log/secure file, this should have details on why it’s failing to authenticate.

tail -50 /var/log/secure

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Hi, so it turns out, I’m a potato and was inadvertently connecting to the BMC IP instead of mgmt IP. Thanks to CV support for setting me straight and now i need a drink.