slow backup and restore with Catalys HPE

  • 20 September 2023
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Hello Commvault, we have been working with Commvault and Catalys HPE for 2 months since before we used Data Protector from Microfocus and Veeam. At first the performance was incredible but as the backups continued we noticed that the backup and restore speed dropped noticeably, reaching the point of restoring VMware VMs over SAN at a speed of 50GB/hour which is extremely slow. I reviewed the documentation provided by Commvault and also by HPE and the only strange thing I noticed is that the number of objects we had in the catalys stores when we used Data Protect or Veeam were from 2000 to 5000 and now with Commvault their stores store more of 40,000 objects and this does not affect the performance. I see that 30% are index objects that run at 1 pm. Please have any suggestions and if you have had a similar problem before.

1 reply

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Even though you share that data recovery is also slow I would check the DDB IQ and also would like to get more context about the configuration of the MA. Where is the DDB hosted and where is the Index Cache located?

What is the status of the backend storage? Any latency graphs who can give insights. Is the storage healthy? The reason that the layout of the data/object structure of Commvault differs from VEEAM of others is simple as it uses a different architecture. 

Do you use the same storage target for other workloads and do you see the same performance degradation there as well? What is the Commvault version that you are running right now? 

Anyhow the quickest route would be to involve support.