Tape server halted with error NDMP_MOVER_HALT_MEDIA_ERROR

  • 9 January 2022
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Backup successful.  Restore produced 

Tape server halted with error NDMP_MOVER_HALT_MEDIA_ERROR


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The error above does not say much other than a NDMP session getting interrupted. In order to better assist here we would probably need the NDMP logs from your storage. Commvault to my understanding is only passing in a format of a error what is receiving from your Storage.

What storage are you using? Have you checked the logs on the storage side? 

One other thing you can take a look, is make sure that the tape configuration has all the correct information for your tape library, meaning…. Make sure that in Commvault, you have the correct serial numbers etc and make sure that your tape library is running an up to date firmware as well.