Usage of HPE StoreOnce as a disk library

  • 14 March 2023
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Hi, I need some info about the usage of HPE StoreOnce as a disk library. Something like this:

Currently we're using one HPE StoreOnce catalyst store for a disk library. This gives us some single point of failure issue and we need to try and remediate this. So I would like to know what options there is. Like could we have a disk library with catalyst stores from multiple HPE StoreCnce boxes? Like a grid consisting of 4MA's with storage from 4 HPE StoreOnce. So in case there's some issue/maintenance we take down one HPE StoreOnce box at a time and backups will continue to run.

2 replies

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Hey @JQEI,

I dont think there is a good solution for this. You may be able to add multiple libraries under the storage policy (add data path), but I’m not sure the software would allow that for catalyst since it is kind of a unique entity. I’ll try to see if somebody has any suggestions...

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Hello @JQEI 

You can look up for Hyperscale X or MCSS for storing backup data if you not already purchased StoreOnce appliances.  These solutions have HA with air gap security. 

If this is not what you want, i would recommend reaching out to TAM/SAM of your account and have PS recommend something with the components available in backup infrastructure.