VSS DDB Backup Failures

  • 7 December 2021
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Hey all - we are having a VSS failure for our DDB backups.  Providers look fine but seems like there is some sort of issue with it.

Windows Application Log error says the provider could not be started.  The provider referenced is the Galaxy VSS Provider Service.  It is telling us there are no associated devices.

This has been working just fine and then just randomly started failing on Nov 22nd.  Nothing has changed on the media agent.

When running the vss creation manually - the error is VSS_E_UNEXPECTED_PROVIDER_ERROR

Customer will most likely open a ticket but wondering if anyone has any ideas?

PS- we rebooted just for the heck of it...


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3 replies

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Probably better handled via a ticket, though to be thorough I looked at our internal database and I can find VSS related incidents, and I can find ddb backup incidents, though nothing between the 2 combined.

If you can paste the exact wording in the windows application logs, I can check a bit better.

If you don’t mind, share the incident number so we can track the solution here.

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@Mike Struening  the issues is fixed.  It had to do with using the incorrect VSS provider to do the vss snapshot.  I don’t know what the ticket number is, but support helped out!

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Appreciate the share!!!