What type of storage array do you use?

  • 28 January 2021
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We have a smaller operation and use a DataOn JBOD enclosure with a MegaRAID controller and 12G SAS connection.  It handles everything we need.  We AuxCopy to LTO8 for air-gapped copy and Azure Archive tier for offsite.

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hi all,


when it comes to backup-to-disk commvault media library, i would look at any entry-level simple cost-efficient block-based storage array. All drives to be near-line SAS 7.2Krpm drives. depending on the back-end storage you require you need to size the number of disks base on the acceptable IOPS in your environment and your backup plocy.


let’s say you have 100TB of back-end storage and you need to take a monthly full copy to tapes. so you need to have enough read throughput from your SAN medialibrary to pump to the LTO drives.

so if you require to read from the backup-to-disk array at 200MB/s this means around 3,200 iops (where io size = 64K)

so you need to put enough 7Krpm NLSAS HDDs spindles to give your 3,200 iops (around 48 7krpm NLSAS HDD)

so the number of 7krpm HDDs is more important than the capacity it provides.



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Pure Storage - FlashBlade (NFS) for Rapid recovery

I’m curious as to what OS you have on your media agents?

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Nice topic, found it just now.

IBM’s V7000’s are our bottleneck in backup speeds..

Having NLSAS spinning disks is a logical option for a backup solution, but when you have databases which are in 50-150TB size and you need to back them up over the weekend - problems arise.
And it does not matter if you have multiple mdisks/pools or one pool with a bigger spinning capacity to have generally better IO rates.

We manage 1-2 TB/hr for SQL and 1-3TB/hr for Oracle databases backups, but still. 


We have also tried Hitachi’s ObjectStorage - what a bad option for backups! We’ve been in read-only mode more time rather being available once commvault starts to send requests during backups..

Would be interesting to find better solution.


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We use Synology RS3614XS+ arrays.  We have 2 arrays one in each of our Data Centers.  We have a 22 TB disk in each site for backups and a 24 TB disk in each site for AUX Copy.  We have almost 6 TB of data being backed up and everything is working great.   Performance is great.


We used / loved HPE StoreVirtual but sadly discontinued so we have tried some MSA 2050 / 2052 arrays for VMWare and Commvault destination, and they have not been nearly as reliable or capable.

Probably will get something else for our next separate SAN expansion.

Our dedupe ratios are more like 100:1 for multiple Windows servers with daily fulls for one year stored.