How to install helm on Windows access node?

  • 31 March 2023
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1, Anyone could guide me how to install helm on windows access node?only download helm.exe from Github.

2, where is system PATH of the Kubernetes access nodes?like this?



Download the most recent Helm binary for your Kubernetes distribution from helm / helm on GitHub.

Requirements are as follows:

  • The Helm binary must be installed in the system PATH of the Kubernetes access nodes.

  • The following labels are required on applications that are deployed by Helm chart:



You can disable backups of helm charts.

3 replies

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Hi @xiwen ,

On Google you should find the instructions.

For ex, can you check this link:

Best Regards,


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I found the link, but it’s really confuse for me. 

For example, from scoop(Windows)

scoop install helm


I already download helm.exe from Github, should install any software to support scoop command? shall we open Internet access? which URL? no idea what is scoop, only know few thing about python scoop. Looking for some guide could help me to install helm from scratch in air gap environment  



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Hi @xiwen,

You can put the helm executable anywhere - but then you need to tell windows where to find it. You need to add it to the system path environment variable - here are instructions that should work:


This way when Commault tries to execute helm.exe, windows looks up all the possible locations from the path variable and should find it in the folder you just added.

Hope that makes sense.