Is there some kind of trick to renaming vsa pseudoclients?

  • 18 September 2023
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I have a number of VSA psuedoclients that need to renamed but the option simply isn't there.

Am I missing something simple?


I can’t imagine this is a real issue.


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Hello @christopherlecky 

Please add the Additional Setting on the Commserve properties:


Name: bAllowModifyClientName

Category: CommServDB.Console


Value: True


This has been done as a part of security and please make sure to remove the setting once the renaming of the pseudo client is done. 


Rajiv Singal

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Hi @christopherlecky ,

The ability was restricted for a reason, so if possible I’d use this as last resort and only if really needed.

Best Regards,


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@Rajiv Thank you.


@Sebastien Merluzzi , thats pretty ominous.

can you elaborate? The goal is essentially cleanup. If it poses significant risk I wont do it.

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@christopherlecky ,

You can check here: 


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@christopherlecky ,

You can check here: 


I checked and @Orazan  said

The Client name is an internal unique identifier for Commvault client entities.  The ability to remove it was made as Development does not want this changed as it would possibly interfere in our network identity communication in the future


But what does that mean? These are vm pseudo clients where the name don’t get honored anyway.

The current names are unresolvable and the backups work because vm pseudo clients seems to only pay attention to the instance properties.

I’m not trying to be difficult but this doesn't really tell me if the risk applies to what I want to do.

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So I went through with it.

The immediate effect was that client discovery was failing.

Checked the logs, It’s failing to rename the vm group because it already exists.

Deleted the VM group manually discovery runs, backup runs.


Sincerely thanks to @Sebastien Merluzzi @Rajiv 

I appreciate the help and the warning. 

Both helped.