Migration vCenter from windows based to an appliance

  • 23 June 2022
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As a new user of Commvault we would like to rely on your experience.

We are planning to upgrade our vCenter from a windows based vCenter version 6.5 to an appliance with version 7.0u3. The plan is to do an in-place upgrade of the vCenter, name and IP-details stay the same.
As the vCenter will change OS from windows to Linux based, The Commserve could see the vCenter as a new client. 

We would like to know if this update can trigger a Full backup on all VM's in this vCenter..? 

Hopefully some one has done this before and knows the impact.


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5 replies

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I would recommend running a full after changing the out to the appliance to make sure nothing is missed.

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Here is some documentation in regards to your question(s):

Also here is some additional information on VM Centric operations:


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as long the vcentername is the same as before you should not run in any issues and if the vcenter name changes it is also not a problem, you can change this easy in the vsa client. 


Hope this helps you !


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This should definitely not trigger a full backup of all your VM's on the next backup after the upgrade. As long as the upgrade path is supported and the metadata remains the same you should be good to go! 

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Thanks for all your quick answers, that gives us more confidence to proceed with the upgrade.

We moved some some hosts to a different vCenter, which triggered a Full backup on all VM's running on this host, with a new created backupset on each client. We are using a cloud based setup of Commvault in Azure, so a full backup causes very high usage on the main WAN link to Azure. Which slows down the daily bakups. This worried us with the upgrade of the vCenter in mind.