Network throttleing for DRVM

  • 15 March 2024
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We are using a 100M line, and we are currently using a single network to an external DR host as well as a backup.
Due to network traffic issues, we had to limit the speed of backups.
After looking up the TN, we found that Commvault can be set up the same as QoS using the network throttling function.
We understand that this feature will be applied on a policy basis, but we are currently unable to find a place to apply this policy to DRVMs.
I'll be waiting for any your comments.


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Hi @YMJ,


See if the below document can help,

Setting Network Bandwidth Throttling for a Storage Policy Copy (




Does the “Network Bandwidth Throttling” setting actually correspond to an ACTUAL network bandwidth throttle, or does it use Commvault math, where the original front-end backup data size (before compression and deduplication) is the throttled size?


So, if I specify a network bandwidth throtting setting of 45,000 Mebibytes/hour, does that TRULY mean a network bandwidth throttle of ~100Megabits/sec?   Meaning my network team will see the data transfer moving at a rate of ~100Mmegabits/sec?