So long, farewell.....

  • 16 December 2022
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Fellow community members,


Today is my last working day at Commvault, and I wanted to leave you all with a message of my appreciation and gratitude.  2 years ago, we were just about to launch an extremely ambitious project: a new and improved Commvault community.  Our previous community never received much attention, so our expectations were a bit tempered.  When the community launched, we could not have been happier!  Fast forward 2 years and we have over 9000 members, with over 4000 topics!  I'm beyond proud of everything we have all built together. 


Our world grows smaller every day.  I have no doubt that this won't be the last time we speak with each other (there's always LinkedIn :-)).


Keep helping each other and growing together.  This community's best days are still ahead!


Forever grateful,


8 replies

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Thanks for all the fun, effort and energy that you have put into the community! You were one of the vaulters who have build the community from the ground-up to the point where we are now! I'm still puzzled! Maybe we should consider starting a campaign. 

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I have absolutely loved every minute of it.  Your replies have not only taught me plenty, but kept me in stitches!

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@Mike Struening thanks for everything! @Damian Andre and I will do everything we can to carry things forward.

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@Mike Struening this community will ABSOLUTELY MISS YOU my friend. Wish you the best of luck and im sure wherever you go, you will thrive. 

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Gone but never forgotten 😉


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Sorry to see you leave Mike 😥 was shocked when I heard the news.
I want to thank you for all you have done for this community, I will miss our conversations here.
But as you said we always have LinkedIn 😉
Talk to you soon my friend!

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We’re all very saddened about this news Mike, as you are one core member from what makes this community what it has been until now, and made me register and participate.

Can’t describe that yet, but let’s keep in touch in the future. For sure you’ll bring your engagement and positiveness in your next duties.. 

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@Mike Struening 

Thanks for all the help over time. 

It was good.