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Welcome to the Commvault family TrapX Security!

  • 1 February 2022
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Welcome to the Commvault family TrapX Security!
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Join us in welcoming TrapX Security to the Commvault family! :tada:

“Today we’re thrilled to welcome TrapX, an Israel-based cyber-security company, to the Commvault family, accelerating our data security innovation journey. TrapX is a pioneer and leader in deception technology and has helped businesses of all sizes around the globe neutralize the threat of potentially crippling ransomware events.” -  Manoj Nair, Metallic GM

With data never being more valuable or vulnerable, enhancing our data security technology with cyber deception will enable our customers to be even more prepared to face ransomware. Learn more about TrapX Security and Commvault by reading Manoj’s blog here

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