Generate report and send with email in Workflow

  • 4 January 2023
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I’ve tried to create a workflow that:

  1. run a saved report
  2. sends that report in a email

I have little experiance with workflows and I haven’t been successfull in my tries. I don’t even know if it is possible to do.

Is there anyone that have done it or know how it can be accomplished?

Attached is a view of my current tries, though not successful.


Thanks for any help.

5 replies

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Post the workflow XML, and the errors you are getting.

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@christopherlecky I’ve attached the XML.
There is no errors, just a blank email sent.
As far as I can se the report is run but it’s not attached to the email.

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Hello @Henke 


Try calling the file under “Attachment” section as below



You can also use File Picker in the input section to load the file.



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Thanks for the answer @Vignesh Sekar .

Unfortunately the workflow isn’t specifically intuitive.

How would I add the path to the created report? I can’t find any attachment among the variables.

I’d like this to be a workflow without any user interaction.


Any ideas?


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how do we attach a file which is on a different machine, than the commserve?

or should this file be locally available on the commserve?

Also it didnt work when i gave the file path , it was given FileNotFound , or access related errors