Is there a CV Rest API to get the properties of details of a Scheduled REPORT

  • 17 March 2023
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I have some customized reports, which are scheduled to run once in 90 days, 

i would like to update certain properties of that schedule once in a while using workflow

It would be easy to do that if I do an GET api on the report schedule using the report schedule name

and using that i would update the properties that I want to.


I’m unable to find any API specific to report scheduling.


is it possible to Get the details of a specific scheduled REPORT or

how do i list the properties of a particular REPORT Schedule or

how do i find the taskID for a REPORT Schedule.


9 replies

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Hey @alligator,

I’m trying to track this down for you ...

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Hey @alligator,

I’m trying to track this down for you ...

@Damian Andre , I got this one.


@alligator i dont think your current approach would be fruitful but in order to give you an adequate answer can you tell me when you need to change, and for what reasons.


The report dataset is actually in the url of the report as sell as the properties of the report.

i will answer in greater detail via my alt account @christopherlecky 

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@chrisknows thanks for the response.


so I’m using network path option to save those reports in a specific location, so we have to provide the credentials for authentication.

The password for this user account is rotated every x days, we have multiple reports which are scheduled in a similar way, where it stores the data in a shared folder.

So as the password is rotated, it has to be manually updated on those report schedules.

To avoid manually updating them , I was looking at an option to do it using workflow.

That’s when i started to search for API  specific to report scheduling. If I could do a GET API using the scheduled report name, then it would be easier to update it as required.



I can do this, by generating the equivalent API for the scheduled reports, let’s say if I have 5 such report schedules, i can get the Equivalent API of each of those report schedules, and add them to the workflow, like a static entry.

But in that case, in future if we change anything on the existing reports, then that must be reflected in the workflow as well.

Hence i was looking for an option to get the report schedules information using the API, so that it fetches the details from the actual report schedule and that I could use to update the password parameter



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How I would approach this is to create a workflow that calls the report and schedule the workflow.

This gives you the opportunity to 

  1. Hardcode the username and password as a configuration option in the workflow.
  2. Retrieve the username/password from a secret store.

I would opt for B personally since you would only need to update your secret store to keep your reports up to date.

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@christopherlecky but these are scheduled reports, we don’t want to change the configs.

as we need to run this on a regular basis, the password change happens once in a while

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You’d have to modify them anyway to update the properties of the report.

The report doesn’t exist outside of the context of the report definition.

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I guess you could save the report properties and then references, but then you still have to keep modifying it.


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@christopherlecky yes if there is an option to fetch the report properties through API, then it would have been easier.

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GETSchedules Properties



This operation returns the properties associated with a schedule.


This API would return the properties of a schedule, so is there a way to find the taskID for a specific schedule?